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10:46 PM - Wednesday, October 22, 2014
4 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
We first spied the M Performance-badged version of the new BMW X4 crossover in August 2014 - and now it’s out on the track having shed all of its unnecessary camo. Read more »
4 hour ago - Autoblog Green / Sebastian Blanco
Filed under: MPG, BMW, MINI, Legislation and Policy After the huge problems that Hyundai/Kia experienced with its mislabeled fuel economy labels, you'd think that any time an automaker has to adjust its mpg numbers, heralds would be shouting . . .
4 hour ago - Carscoop
We’re wary of taking new companies with little to show and seemingly ridiculous ambitions too seriously, until they show something that proves their capabilities and ambitions can materialize. We do want our skepticism to be proven wrong, thoug . . .
4 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
While the Aston Martin Vantage roadster is by no means “a regular car,” it was the subject of one of the latest Regular Car Reviews videos.As you’ve probably come to expect by now, the video is less about the car and more about the social stigm . . .
4 hour ago - Carscoop
A Honda executive has confirmed that the Euro-spec Honda Accord will be terminated globally in 2015 without a direct replacement on the horizon.Read more »
4 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
The Santa Fe Sport and its longer sibling, the Santa Fe, just got a little bit better for the 2015MY after Hyundai made changes to the chassis and added new standard kit.Read more »
4 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
While I am not a big fan of drag racing, I have to admit that watching a souped-up Toyota Supra doing the quarter mile in a little over 6 seconds is really impressive.Read more »
11 hour ago - Autoblog / Noah Joseph
Filed under: Coupe, Performance, Videos, Specialty, McLaren Among the many things we were looking forward to seeing at Pebble Beach this year, the McLaren P1 GTR was near the top of our list. Invoking the spirit of the legendary McLaren F1 G . . .
10 hour ago - Autoblog / Noah Joseph
Filed under: China, Plants/Manufacturing, Jaguar, Land Rover Anyone who's a car fan knows that Jaguar and Land Rover cars and trucks all come from the UK. And while we don't doubt that will remain true for the most part, it won't be an absol . . .
12 hour ago - Autoblog / Chris Bruce
Filed under: Aftermarket, SEMA Show, Coupe, Performance, Ford Ford is unsurprisingly bringing a herd of its new 2015 Mustang models to next month's SEMA show in Las Vegas. Over a dozen of them are arriving from top aftermarket outfits like . . .
4 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
There’s just something deeply endearing and almost cute about the way the first-gen Ford Bronco looks, especially if it’s not jacked up on silly suspension stilts and off-road rims.This example looks like it came out of the factory gates in 197 . . .
8 hour ago - Jalopnik / Raphael Orlove
With enough throttle, you can drive a snowmobile across water. With enough of a ramp, you can even jump one into a river. This can only lead to one conclusionRead more...
9 hour ago - Carscoop
Ferrari doesn’t mention its LaFerrari flagship as having a pure EV mode. We assumed that was because it really didn’t have one and we took their word for it. Now, a new video tells a different story.Read more »
11 hour ago - Carscoop / Andrei Nedelea
Daimler has just announced that it is giving up its four percent stake in Telsa Motors, for which it expects a return of $780 million. This, however, won’t affect the two companies continued cooperation, as the partnership has been deemed “very . . .
13 hour ago - Autoblog / Chris Bruce
Filed under: Recalls, Safety, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Subaru, Toyota Unfortunately, the government's list still contains errors. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrat . . .
9 hour ago - Jalopnik / Jason Torchinsky
It's funny, when I saw this ad , my first reaction was that it was some seriously cloying made-up horseshit that I wasn't buying. Looks like I may have been dead wrong. There's an accusation that it's some seriously cloying truth. But stolen t . . .
11 hour ago - Autoblog / Noah Joseph
Filed under: Motorsports, Earnings/Financials Caterham is hardly the most stable and successful team on the Formula One grid, but things are looking even more troubling for the embattled outfit, as the company that makes its racecars has rep . . .
11 hour ago - Autoblog / Noah Joseph
Filed under: Sedan, Lexus, Luxury UPDATE: An earlier version of this story indicated that Lexus had decreased the turning radius of select models by four inches. Lexus spokesperson Allison Takahashi has issued a correction for "a conversion . . .
16 hour ago - Autoblog / Brandon Turkus
Filed under: Crossover, Subaru, New Car Reviews Realistically, many enthusiasts give horrible, horrible car buying advice. They will recommend something bizarre, inappropriately high performance, compromised or utterly impractical for a give . . .
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