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2:11 AM - Saturday, November 01, 2014
10/30/2014 - Autoblog / Brandon Turkus
Filed under: Coupe, Cadillac, GM, Luxury Cadillac has become a very, very different company since the dawn of the new millenium. Its turn-of-the-century lineup, consisting of staid offerings like the Seville, DeVille and Eldorado, represente . . .
3 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
Ford wants to restore Lincoln to its former glory and is willing to spend big in order to turn its luxury brand into a worthy competitor for Cadillac and other premium automakers.Read more »
3 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
Jaguar Land Rover has inaugurated its new £500 million ($800 million) Engine Manufacturing Centre in the UK, the brand’s first in-house engine production facility in a generation.Read more »
3 hour ago - Carscoop
The Ford Transit is among the last vehicles that spring to mind when it comes to tuning, but that hasn’t stopped the automaker from preparing a fleet of custom vans for SEMA.Read more »
3 hour ago - Carscoop
If you're into thick-bodied cars with slim waists, Vorsteiner has a little something for all you BMW M4 owners with its new limited edition GTRS4 package.Read more »
21 hour ago - Green Car Reports
The third of our five nominees for Green Car Reports' 2015 Best Car To Buy award is the new 2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco, the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid version of the Korean maker's mid-size sedan. This new-for-2015 version of the Sonata is th . . .
12 hour ago - Autoblog / Chris Bruce
Filed under: Motorsports, Europe, Earnings/Financials, Racing The Nürburgring is among the greatest racetracks of the world, with decades of fantastic motorsports history born on the snaking course. However, it seems that running the place a . . .
3 hour ago - Carscoop
Crash test dummies currently come in three major flavors: male, female and child. However, while these do offer some diversity and give context and nuance to results, they don’t cater for the special needs of other (quite numerous) categories s . . .
3 hour ago - Carscoop
Judging by the number of recalls in 2014, it seems that many automotive suppliers have lots quality control problems that seriously affect car companies. Read more »
3 hour ago - Autoblog / Brandon Turkus
Filed under: SUV, Technology, Land Rover, Electric, Off-Road Tesla will soon put its all-electric Model X crossover on sale, and if it's anywhere near as successful as the brand's four-door sedan the Model S, then it'll be a hell of an atten . . .
15 hour ago - Autoblog / Chris Bruce
Filed under: Coupe, Europe, Mercedes-Benz, Earnings/Financials, Motorcycle BMW obviously builds motorcycles, and Volkswagen Group owns Ducati. Now, fellow German automaker Daimler is hopping into the two-wheel game by buying a 25-percent sta . . .
10 hour ago - Jalopnik / Máté Petrány
The new Audi TT with a two liter turbo and all-wheel drive is pretty much the ultimate all-year daily driver sports car. And a good one at that.Read more...
3 hour ago - Carscoop
Just like the larger Mazda6, the 3 also impressed when it was launched, taking the Japanese hatch to new and previously unheard of heights.It’s now seen as more of a sub-premium model than a regular mainstream hatch contender, which is why Auto . . .
3 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
Do you live in Mexico and feel that Fiat's badge isn't manly enough for a pickup truck?The Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) group has you covered with the launch of the sheep-badged Ram 700.Read more »
3 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
You know about paintball and you surely know about racing, but have you ever heard of a challenge named "Hacker's Pursuit"?Read more »
3 hour ago - Carscoop
It’s not exactly a surprise that the new Skoda Fabia will not offer an RS (or vRS in the UK) high-performance variant, as rumors about this have first emerged more than a year ago.Read more »
3 hour ago - Carscoop
With 1,360PS (1,341hp) the Koenigsegg One:1 supercar has managed to crash the computers used to register it in Germany as they are not capable to process such a big figure.Read more »
3 hour ago - Carscoop
Now this was some factual reporting from ABS-CBN video journalist Don Tagala who claims he almost died while covering the Ebola epidemic in New York City.Read more »
3 hour ago - Do You Come with the Car
Audi needed to do something significant with its next-gen TT, since the competition it was going to face was more diversified than ever.It retained the familiar shape, but infused it with the kind of sharp lines it never really had – it still d . . .
3 hour ago - Carscoop
Chances are, you haven't seen anything like this on YouTube before; videos running at 60 frames per second (fps) instead of the usual 24 / 30fps, with this Mario Kart clip being one of the first on the web.Read more »
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